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Ecologically-Conscious Real Estate

Craig and Beth Weaver, Ecologically Conscious Real Estate Brokers in Boone, NCAs with any real estate business, we can help you buy or sell real property for investment, personal, or certain commercial uses. We can also assist you in addressing ecological factors related to land use. Your concerns with economic interests, and your desire to enjoy the beautiful NC High Country mountains, are important to us because we share your sentiments. Our company’s mission is to encourage people to make choices that preserve the beauty and environmental vitality that draws you here.

Why come to the mountains and recreate the problems you may experience elsewhere—such as overcrowding, pollution, noise, and an environment alienated from nature? We’re here to show you that financial soundness and ecological balance can easily work together. Join us in a vision of spaciousness, peace, beauty, and harmony in preserving the NC High Country mountain area, with all its benefits and wonders.

At the closing of your real estate transaction, we will write a check for 10% of our commission to the not-for-profit environmental organization you select from our list of those focused on the High Country. By doing business with us you will support this vision in a very concrete way, and this vision will become your vision. You will help it spread, even as you buy, sell, or hold real property in this area.

Mission Statement for Sundance Mountain Lands

To that end, our MISSION is to engage in real estate transactions that place more land and developed properties in the care of people who value living and working in harmony with nature. Such people see that this approach is ultimately more financially sound for the property owner and for the community at large.

At Sundance Mountain Lands, you’ll find real estate brokers who:

  • Are officially certified EcoBrokers, and versed in the ways of ecological land use.
  • Work competently and ethically in finding you a home or investment property.
  • Want to preserve the factors that draw you to these beautiful mountains.
  • Hope that you might come to embrace the wisdom of this vision.

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